About Cornwall Firepits

Will Cotterill is the owner and creator of Cornwall Firepits.

Having moved to Cornwall aged two, he was brought up on his parents’ dairy farm and gained a love and passion for the countryside and farming way of life.

Having attended Duchy College and studied Agricultural Engineering, Will joined Truro Farm Machinery and enjoyed eight years as part of the team. This is where he started to really grow his skills in mechanics and fabrication, an interest in metal work shortly followed.

Will moved back to his farm and started to use his time to research blacksmithing and began creating small pieces of art. As his confidence grew, he began working on bigger projects.

Then came the firepits.

Having invested in the machinery and set up a workshop on the farm, Will now spends hours designing and cutting the spheres to be sold and enjoyed by all who enjoy a fiery, artistic spectacle.

All of the firepits have been inspired by his life in Cornwall and although Will is continually expanding his own range, his customers can work with him to create their own personal designs, meaning their firepit keeps with their surroundings, hobbies and sentiments.

The best way to contact Will is on his mobile number – 07817 996805 or by filling out the contact form.

In the meantime, hover over the images below to find out a bit more

Intricate detail

Real care and craftsmanship go into every firepit. Our unique pieces really make a statement.

Design your own firepit

If you have an idea, theme or illustration then we have the skill to turn it into a firepit.

Enhance any garden

If you have the setting, we have the firepit. You can even hire a firepit for that special occasion.

Will Cotterill

The best way to contact Will is on his mobile number – 07817 996805 or use the contact form.